Head of Centre: Professor Juan-Carlos Kaski

The Cardiovascular Sciences Research Centre is a multidisciplinary group which amalgamates clinical, surgical and basic science research expertise. The mission of the Research Centre is to understand mechanisms of cardiovascular disease and to identify rationale treatments and preventative measures.

The main research areas of the Centre include:

Research groups and units operating within the Centre (Groups and Unit leads)

  • Arrhythmias/genetics/sudden cardiac death (SCD) – (E Behr, J Camm)
  • Cardiomyopathy and CVD/SCD in athletes (S Sharma)
  • Pathogenesis of angina pectoris and biomarkers (JC Kaski, I Dumitriu)
  • Cardiovascular prevention and epidemiology (K Ray)
  • Vascular Biology Research Unit (G Cockerill)
  • Vascular Institute (M Thompson)
  • Lymphatics (P Mortimer)
  • Cardiac Surgery (M Jahangiri)
  • Marfan Syndrome and associated conditions (A Child)
  • Heart failure (L Anderson)
  • TAVI research (S Brecker, M Jahangiri)
  • Drug trials (Clinical Research Facility)

Researchers in the Centre have strong collaborative links with St George’s Healthcare NHS Trust and are supported by major funders, including The British Heart Foundation (BHF), Cardiac Risk for the Young (CRY), the Medical Research Council (MRC) and European Union (EU).

The Vascular Biology Research Group, headed by Dr Gill Cockerill, aims to improve prognosis and management of treatment and assist in the development of new pharmacological treatments of disease.

The Immunology Research Group, headed by Dr Ingrid Dumitru, examines the immunological basis of cardiovascular disease.