Sudden cardiac death in children study and interview with Dr Narain - June 16, 2014

More than half of all victims of sudden cardiac death in children (SCDc) – defined as SCD in those 1–18 years old – experienced antecedent and/or prodromal symptoms prior to death, according to a nationwide study published recently in the European Heart Journal.

Dr Narain of St George’s, University of London, spoke to Arrhythmia Watch about the study and the research being conducted at St George’s.

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Institute Seminars Series 2014 - May 29, 2014

We are delighted to announce the launch of a new set of seminars taking place at St George’s, University of London throughout the coming year.

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Please note that all seminars are held in room J0.8 and will commence at 1pm.

New Cardio Interviews uploaded onto CVSRC - April 28, 2014

Prof Kaski discusses T cells in atherosclerosis with Dr Dumitriu and HDL and atherosclerosis with Dr Cockerill. To view the interviews please click HERE.

E-cigarette vapors needed for a study - April 14, 2014

If you are an exclusive e-cigarette smoker and would be interested in participating in a research study please contact Maria (

The study will involve 4 short questionnaires and a simple computer task. The whole study should take no longer than 30 minutes.

Participants will be given £7 Love to Shop vouchers for their time.

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New Circulation article on the detection of cardiac abnormalities in elite black and white athletes - March 31, 2014

Read the new article published in the journal Circulation on the Comparison of ECG criteria for the detection of cardiac abnormalities in elite black and white athletes.

This article can be accessed here.

VT 2014 Symposium registration now open - March 20, 2014

Registration for the 4th London VT Symposium can now be accessed here.

New aneurysm research group publication in Circulation - February 24, 2014

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New publication by Professor DC Bennett - February 24, 2014

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New sports cardiology publication in journal circulation by Abbas Zaidi, is editors pick of the week - May 8, 2013


A new publication by Abbas Zaidi published this week in the AHA Circulation journal, has garnered attention for its study of the “Physiological right ventricular adaption in elite athletes of African and Afro-Caribbean origin”.

Featured as “Editors pick of the week”, the publication has also spurned an article from Johnathan Weinstock and Mark Estes who have comended the authors for bringing to the forefront the “important clinical implication”s of this trial, and the emphasis that should be placed upon them.

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New Publication by Prof Juan-Carlos Kaski - May 8, 2013

World-renowned team of contributors

  • Essential read for all clinicians involved in managing patients with chest pain or those that should be aware of non-cardiac chest pain
  • Extensive use of practical case-based material and review of guidelines in a broad multidisciplinary manner
  • The condition known as “chest pain with normal coronary arteries” or “cardiac syndrome X” has puzzled physicians since the advent of coronary arteriography. Although epicardial coronary artery spasm, as seen in Prinzmetal’s variant angina, explains a proportion of cases of typical chest pain despite normal coronary arteriograms, many patients who seek medical attention for exertional and rest angina in the absence of obstructive coronary artery disease are not variant angina cases. This syndrome therefore constitutes both a diagnostic and therapeutic challenge