REF 2014 Units of Assessment And Panel Configuration: A

Units of assessment and panel configuration: Panel A

REF Unit of Assessment

Broad coverage, in relation to 2008 RAE sub-panels

1. Clinical medicine Sub-panels 1-5 (Cardiovascular Medicine; Cancer Studies; Infection and Immunology; Other Hospital Based Clinical Subjects) which received a total of 3,568 full time equivalents (FTE) and 15,420 outputs
2. Public health, health services and primary care Sub-panels 6-8 (Epidemiology and Public Health; Health Services Research; Primary Care and Other Community Based Clinical Subjects) which received a total of 1,202 FTE and 5,309 outputs
3. Allied Health Professionals, Dentistry, Nursing and Pharmacy Sub-panels 10-13 (Dentistry; Nursing and Midwifery; Allied Health Professions and Studies; Pharmacy) which received a total of 2,939 FTE and 12,598 outputs
4. Psychology, Psychiatry and Neuroscience Sub-panels 9 and 44 (Psychiatry, Neuroscience and Clinical Psychology; Psychology which received a total of 2,440 FTE and 10,143 outputs
5. Biological sciences Sub-panels 14 and 15 (Biological Sciences; Pre-clinical and Human Biological Sciences) which recieved a total of 2,938 FTE and 12,245 outputs
6. Agriculture, veterinary and food science Sub-panel 16 (Agriculture, Vaterinary and Food Science) which received 1,016 FTE and 4,203 outputs