Arrhythmias & Cardiomyopathy

Cardiac electrophysiology at St George’s has a long-standing reputation for excellence and has involved translational research that goes beyond the boundaries of arrhythmia alone. Our main strengths lie in the study of atrial fibrillation, ventricular tachycardia and sudden cardiac death, inherited heart disease, heart failure and sports cardiology.

One aspect is the detailed investigation of patients and their families with inherited heart disease and sudden deaths and their characterisation utilising novel electrocardiographic and imaging approaches combined with genetic studies. This has led to novel genetic modifier and functional expression studies. The same approaches are being used in the study of drug-induced sudden death risk.

Other aspects include general population studies of the clinical, imaging and electrocardiographic characteristics of young people, ethnic minorities and athletes in relation to their risk of sudden death. This extends to large scale studies of the epidemiology of sudden death in these groups, particularly in relation to ECG traits and genetic factors.

Atrial fibrillation has been the subject of electrocardiographic, imaging and proteomic studies at St George’s as well as clinical trials of the therapeutic interventions with antiarrhythmics and ablation. Two large scale projects are progressing with industry and European funding. In addition clinical research into ventricular arrhythmias and risk profiling in acquired heart disease has focused on novel technologies to support ablation techniques and novel ECG markers for sudden death risk.

There is a clear overlap with heart failure and muscle disease and the role for novel markers for the response to resynchronisation therapy and specific disease areas such as amyloidosis are other specialised areas in our research.


Principal Investigators
Prof Sanjay SharmaProfessor of Inherited Cardiac Diseases and Sports Cardiology
Dr Elijah BehrReader in Cardiovascular Medicine
Prof A John CammBHF Professor of Clinical Cardiology
Dr Yanushi Dullewe WijeyeratneNIHR Academic Clinical Fellow in Cardiology
Nabeel SheikhCardiology Specialist Registrar and Clinical Research Fellow
Dr. Mark GallagherConsultant Cardiologist / Electrophysiologist, Clinical lead in Electrophysiology, Clinical Director of Cardiovascular

Research Groups

The Arrhythmias & Cardiomyopathy research area comprises four research groups. Click on the tabs below for further information.

Cardiac electrophysiology and arrhythmia research at St George’s has a long-standing reputation for excellence.

It has been led for many years by Professor A John Camm with Dr Elijah R Behr, Professor Sanjay Sharma, Professor Marek Malik and Dr Velislav Batchvarov. Added to this are strong academic interests from Honorary Senior Lecturers Dr Mark Gallagher and Dr Magdi Saba.

The focuses are on sudden death, ventricular arrhythmias and atrial fibrillation with a translational approach studying genetics, proteomics, pathology, epidemiology, electrocardiology, drug therapies and interventional techniques.

There is synergistic collaboration across the department with Professor Kausik Ray, Dr Ranjan Sharma, Dr Nick Bunce and Dr Lisa Anderson with the Basic Medical Sciences Division.

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The Sports Cardiology Research Group has been pivotal in characterising the impact of age, sex and ethnicity on the cardiovascular adaptation to exercise.

Professor Sanjay Sharma is the group leader. He spearheads the Centre for Sports Cardiology and runs the Inherited Cardiovascular Conditions Service in partnership with Dr Elijah Behr, providing a unique specialist, multi-disciplinary centre dedicated to young sudden cardiac death.

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