Dr Debasish Banerjee


Name: Dr Debasish Banerjee
Position: Consultant Nephrologist/Physician
Tel: +44(0) 208 725 1673 [secretary]
Email: dbanerje@sgul.ac.uk


Dr DebasishBanerjee is a Consultant Nephrologist and a Reader with interest in clinical
research in the field of Cardiovascular Complications of Chronic Kidney

Dr Debasish Banerjee graduated from Calcutta Medical College. After working at the Post Graduate Institute of Medical Education and Research in India he started his Nephrology training in London working at the University College, Kings College and Guys Hospitals. He completed his Fellowship in Nephrology and Hypertension at the University of Miami/ Jackson Memorial Hospital before starting at the St Georges Healthcare NHS Trust.

His present work involves cardiac and vascular morphological and functional abnormalities with kidney failure and role of interventions such as Vitamin D.

He is currently involved with the investigation of the potential markers of sudden cardiac death in dialysis patients, and conducts association studies on Pulse Pressure as a predictor of adverse outcome in patients with Chronic Kidney Disease.

His work is funded by the British Heart Foundation, Guys and St Thomas’s Charity and St Georges Charity. Dr Debasish Banerjee is also the recipient of the Young Investigator Award by the Southern Society of Clinical Investigation, USA.

He has a keen interest in Undergraduate Medical Education, and he serves on the Chair of Board of Medical Education and Clinical Subdean at the St Georges Healthcare NHS Trust. Dr Debasish Banerjee has received various teaching awards including the “Distinguished Teacher Award” from University College London, “Inpatients Teaching Award” from University of Miami,  “Excellence in Teaching Award” by St Georges Healthcare NHS Trust and “Best Undergraduate Teach of the Trust award” from St Georges, University of London.

Research Interests


Dr Debasish Banerjee's research interests include chronic kidney disease, cardiovascular disease, hypertension, pulse pressure, Vitamin D deficiency, endothelial dysfunction and sudden cardiac death.

Key Publications

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Banerjee D, Recio-Mayoral A, Chitalia N, Kaski JC. Insulin Resistance, Inflammation, and vascular disease in nondiabetic predialysis chronic kidney disease patients. Clin Cardiol 2011; 34(6): 360-5.

Recio-Mayoral A, Banerjee D, Streather C, Kaski JC. Endothelial dysfunction, inflammation and atherosclerosis in chronic kidney disease - a cross-sectional study of predialysis, dialysis and kidney-transplantation patients. Atherosclerosis 2011; 216(2):446-51.

Banerjee D, Chitalia N, Raja R, Bhandara T, Poulikakos D, Jha V. Metabolic syndrome in chronic kidney disease and transplant patients in North India. Int Urol Nephrol DOI 10.1007/s11255-011-9998-6 Pubmed ID 21660424.

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Professor Juan Carlos Kaski, St Georges’ University of London

Dr David Goldsmith, Kings College London

Professor Cathy Shanahan, Kings College London

Professor Giovanni Lombardi, Kings College London

Professor Reza Rezavi, Kings College London

Professor Ravi Thadani, Harvard University

Professor Prabir Roychoudhury, University of Cincinnati

Professor Vivek Jha, Post Graduate Institute of Medical Education and Research, Chandigarh

Professor Marek Malik, St Georges’ University of London

Dr Christina Baboonian, St Georges’ University of London

Professor Charles Herzog, University of Minnesota

Professor Vivekananda Jha, PGIMER, Chandigarh

The Renal Unit pairs with Post Graduate Institute of Medical Education and Research as an International Society of Nephrology Sister Centre.


Research Teams
Dr Banerjee along with Professor Kaski collaborates with Dr David Goldsmith, Professor Giovani Lombardi, Professor Ravi Thadhani and Professor Reza Rezavi on cardiovascular implications of Vitamin D therapy in Chronic Kidney Disease.
Dr Banerjee Collaborates with Dr Christina Baboonian working on CD28 null cells in kidney failure.

Professor Prabir Roychowdhury from University of Cincinnati and Professor Cathy Shanahan are the main collaborators on the vascular biology in kidney failure.

Professor Marek Malik and Professor Charles Herzog from Unversity of Minnesota are the collaborator in sudden cardiac death project.

Dr Banerjee also works with Professor Jha from Post Graduate Institute in Chadigarh in India on vascular function in kidney disease.

Consultancy Expertise

Dr Banerjee has been previously involved guidance on management of hypertension and management of CV risk in CKD for NHS Trusts.


British Heart Foundation (PG/10/71/28462)

Guys and St Thomas’ Charity (R10048)

St George's Hospital Charity (2005,2010)