Prof Juan Carlos Kaski


Name: Juan Carlos Kaski, MD, DM (Hons), DSc, FRCP, FACC, FESC
Position: Head, Cardiovascular Sciences Research Centre
Room: 0.237
Tel: +44 (0)208 725 2628


Juan-Carlos Kaski is Professor of Cardiovascular Sciences and Head of the Cardiovascular Sciences Research Centre at St George’s, University of London.

He is also Honorary Consultant Cardiologist at the St George’s Healthcare Trust and heads the Microvascular Angina Clinic, a tertiary referral centre with an international reputation and one of the largest recruiters into cardiac syndrome X registries worldwide.

Professor JC Kaski is Chairman of the European registry on angina with normal coronary arteries (ESC sponsored) and of the SIESTA consortia – devoted to the development, characterisation and testing of novel biomarkers, involving over 25 European research centres.

He is also a member of several large trial steering committees (SIESTA, HERMEX, VITD/CKD), and is President of the International Society of Cardiovascular Pharmacotherapy (ISCP), an organisation affiliated to World Heart Federation, with representation in over 30 countries worldwide and great potential for multinational trials.

His research on angina with normal coronaries contributed substantially to the definition and characterisation of a new clinical entity previously unrecognised in the clinical world, and his work on biomarkers of risk helped set up the basis for definitive studies in the field.

He has authored over 350 papers in peer review journals and over 100 invited papers. He is scientific advisor to several major university research centres, national medical research councils and national departments of health worldwide.

Research Interests

  • Biomarkers of cardiovascular risk
  • angina pectoris
  • microvascular angina
  • cardiac syndrome X

Key Publications

Kaski JC. C-reactive protein improves risk prediction in patients with acute coronary syndrome, or does it? Eur Heart J 2010; Feb 31(3): 274-7.

Karastergiou K, Evans I, Ogston N, Miheisi N, Nair D, Kaski DC, Jahangiri M, Mohamed-Ali V. Epicardial adipokines in obesity and coronary heart disease induce atherogenic changes in monocytes and endothelial cells. Aterioscler Thromb Vasc Biol 2010; Jul 30(7): 1340-6.

Hemmingway H, Philipson P, Chen R, Fitzpatrick NK, Damant J, Shipley M, Abrams KR, Moreno S, McAllister KS, Palmer S, Kaski JC, Timmis AD, Hingorani AD. Evaluating the quality of research into a single prognostic biomarker: a systemic review and meta-analysis of 83 studies of C-reactive protein in stable coronary artery disease. PLoS Med2010; Jun 1; 7(6): e1000286.

Recio-Mayoral A, Mason JC, Kaski JC, Rubens MB, Harari OA, Camici PG. Chronic inflammation and coronary microvascular dysfunction in patients without risk factors for coronary heart disease. Eur Heart J 2009; 30: 1837-43.

Dumitriu IE, Araguas ET, Banoonian C, Kaski JC. CD4+ CD28 null T cells in coronary artery disease: when helpers become killers. Cardiovasc Res 2009; 81(1): 11-9.

Zal B, Kaski JC, Akiyu JP, Cole D, Arno G, Poloniecki J, Madrigal A, Dodi A, Baboonian C. Differential pathways govern CD4+ CD28-T cell proinflammatory and effector responses in patients with coronary artery disease. J Immunol 2008; 181: 5233-41.

Baruah P., Trimarchi M., Ingrid E. Dumitriu, Rovere-Querini P., Bussi M., Manfredi A.A. Innate responses toAspergillus: role of pentraxin 3 and complement factor C1q in nasal polyposis. American J. Rhinology 21(2): 224-230, 2007.

Consultancy Expertise

  • Biomarkers of cardiovascular risk.
  • Atherosclerosis.
  • Angina pectoris.
  • Member of several advisory boards on pharmacotherapy and management of angina.
  • Advisor to several universities and funding bodies worldwide.